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Asset Management

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  • Environmental Benefits
    Prolonging asset life. Extending coatings system minimizes environmental impact to air, water, and ground.
  • Economic Benefits 
    Certainty that ongoing maintenance and future renovations are funded. All maintenance risk associated with the asset is transferred to the service provider (USG).
  • Social Benefits 
    Maintaining the asset helps deliver best service to clients (no service interruptions, no boil orders). Controlled operating costs do not negatively impact water rates.

Asset management is a planning process that ensures that you get the most value from each of your assets and have the financial resources to rehabilitate and replace them when necessary. Asset management includes developing a plan to reduce costs while increasing the efficiency and the reliability of your assets. The USG Asset Management Program (AMPTM) is a proactive and sustainable solution that yields environmental, economic, and social benefits.


  • Aging infrastructure
  • Lack of capital
  • Increasing operating costs and staffing shortages