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Concrete Water Storage Tank Maintenance Services

Protect large capital assets and protect the health and safety of your customers


It is a popular misconception that concrete water storage tanks do not need maintenance. They do. Not only is concrete a porous material, making it susceptible to leaks and cracks, but over time its surface can become coated with biofilm.

USG offers concrete tank services which include repair, cleaning, and the application of high-performance coatings. Our concrete water storage tank maintenance services extend the service life of these capital assets and prevent water quality issues.

Our Solution

USG provides a wide range of concrete tank services to keep water storage tanks functional, safe and within applicable code. Our services are custom designed to meet the specifications and conditions of each specific tank and executed by our experienced field crews in compliance with all OSHA regulations.

How we do it

We provide concrete water storage tank inspections with detailed reports. During these thorough condition assessments, we review the safety, sanitary, security, substrate, and coatings condition of the tank to determine the rehabilitation and maintenance needs and prepare project specifications

We use high-pressure washing, abrasive sandblasting, and/or chemical cleanings to prepare concrete substrates. We treat and fix active leaks. Once surface preparation is complete, we apply high-performance 100% solids coating systems. All materials and coatings we use are ANSI/NSF Standard 61-approved and meet AWWA standards. Once cured, the coatings protect the concrete water storage tank’s surfaces and enhance the concrete’s water and chemical resistance for long-term preservation of the tank.

In addition to these concrete water storage tank maintenance services, USG offers a one-of-a-kind concrete asset management program. This innovative program includes the initial rehabilitation of the concrete water storage tank, routine inspections, integrity testing, maintenance, and future refurbishment. While your concrete tank is on our full-service asset management program, we assume all responsibility for keeping it functional, safe, and compliant with all applicable codes. That means one single point of contact and one call for all your service needs. Our program provides a long-term coatings warranty. The cost of the USG Asset Management program is also pre-determined for simple and predictable budgeting.

Value of USG Concrete Water Storage Tank Maintenance Services

Extends the service life of your concrete water storage tank while minimizing maintenance costs

Maintains the value of your asset, sustainable alternative to demolition and new construction

Keeps your concrete tank compliant with all applicable safety and sanitary regulations

Reduces risks of biofilm buildup, fouling and other water quality issues

Lifetime warranty on all coatings while in the program

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