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Our Solutions


Steel and Concrete Tank Services

Protect your large capital assets and protect the health and safety of your customers.


Water Quality Technologies and Services

Meet municipal water quality regulatory requirements while reducing capital spending.


Concrete and Plant Rehabilitation and Maintenance Services

Extend the life cycle of critical assets; reduce maintenance downtime and long-term replacement costs.


Pipe Rehabilitation Services

Extend the life of your pipe network, even on a budget.


Smart Metering Solutions and Asset Management

The benefits of AMI and smart meter technology within reach of small and medium-sized communities.


Asset Management

Well-maintained systems, lowest life cycle costs.


Utility Service Group Water Solutions (USG) has a 60-year history as the industry leader in providing asset management and rehabilitation services to municipal and private water companies across the United States.

Our industry-leading services help municipalities maintain their water and wastewater infrastructure by increasing asset performance, simplifying operations and minimizing maintenance costs.

USG Water Solutions