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Potable Water Tank Condition Assessment, Inspection, and Cleaning

Maintain water quality, meet regulatory compliance, and reduce maintenance costs.


Biofilm and inorganic residues can collect on the interior surfaces of potable water storage tanks, leading to taste and odor complaints and regulatory compliance issues. Storage tanks, especially concrete tanks, are also susceptible to leaks and cracks, which can cause system function problems.

Our Solution

USG’s highly experienced field crews can perform thorough water tank inspection services, maintenance services, washouts, and chemical cleanings/disinfections to keep steel and concrete water tanks functional, safe, and within applicable codes. During these thorough condition assessments, we review the tank’s safety, sanitary, security, substrate, and coating conditions to determine the rehabilitation and maintenance needs and prepare project specifications. USG crews perform thousands of tank condition assessments every year and provide, after each inspection, a detailed report so that no potential water tank maintenance issue is overlooked. Our water tank cleaning services also include draining, cleaning, and recoating the inside of municipal tanks.

How We Do It

After the water storage tank is completely drained, the interior floor and walls are cleaned using high-pressure washing, abrasive sandblasting, and/or chemical cleaning agents to remove all mud, inorganic deposits, biofilm, sediment, silt, and staining. The interior surfaces are then evaluated for appearance, coating condition, and percentage of deterioration. Our experts can scientifically quantify the causes of inorganic and organic deposits on the interior surfaces through surface testing to recommend a targeted remediation solution.

When necessary, we treat and fix active leaks and prime the interior of the tank. Once surface preparation is complete, we apply a high-performance protective coating system for long-term tank preservation. All protective coatings are ANSI/NSF Standard 61-approved and compliant with AWWA and SSPC specifications; some meet zero VOC requirements.

USG washouts and recoats are performed in compliance with all applicable OSHA safety regulations, including lead abatement and containment. NACE-certified field personnel will verify the blasting, priming, and finish coat applications at critical phases to ensure our municipal water tank cleaning process complies with specifications and delivers quality results. As an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified company, we continuously strive to improve our operational efficiency to exceed customer expectations

On occasion, USG might use crewless aerial vehicles (UAVs or Drones) to inspect water tanks safely. USG can also provide bypass solutions for tanks, which cannot be emptied without compromising system pressure or disrupting the water supply. When necessary, we use remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) to inspect the interior of water tanks. A remote monitor is available during the ROV inspection, and pictures of the interior surfaces are included in the final tank inspection report provided to the customer.

Value of USG Water Storage Tank Condition Assessment and Cleaning Services

Extends tank service life

Improves water quality

Facilitates regulatory compliance

Reduces operation and maintenance costs

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