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Municipal Water Tank Repair and Rehabilitation

Repair rather than replace to lower capital investments and increase environmental sustainability.


A water storage tank is a large capital asset for any water system. A well-maintained water tank speaks volumes about your organization and its commitment to safety and cleanliness. Meanwhile, wear and tear and deferred maintenance can lead to potentially serious issues.

During routine tank condition assessments of a municipal water storage tank’s safety, sanitation, structure, security, and coatings, it is not uncommon to find minor damage or tank components that are in need of repair. That is why it is vital to have expert water storage tank repair services.

Our Solution

USG’s experienced water tank repair experts can fix any minor issue — coating failure, cracking, pitting, corrosion, and more — or perform major structural repairs on water tanks to restore them to like-new condition. Repairing rather than replacing your storage tank will lower your capital investment and increase environmental sustainability. All repairs and improvements are OSHA-compliant.

Heavy structural repairs on water towers include tank relocations, tank ‘jacking’ (raising and lowering a tank to solve capacity and water pressure issues), roof replacements, new tank floors, new risers, and other structural components. Our in-house experts can manage all aspects of a rehabilitation project, from design to field installation. All heavy structural work is performed under the supervision of the USG engineering department or partner engineering firms.

Value of USG Water Storage Tank Repair and Rehabilitation Services

Extends the service life of your asset

Keeps your water tank compliant with all applicable safety and sanitary regulations

Lowers capital investment

Improves environmental sustainability

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