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Maintain the Quality of Treated Water During Storage With in-tank Mixers

Prevent thermal stratification, tank freezing, and deterioration of water quality.


It is not enough to simply store clean water in your water tank – the water quality must be maintained through tank mixers and water tank mixing technology.

Thermal stratification and high-water age in storage tanks can cause residual loss, bacterial growth, and public health risks. Warm temperatures can lead to disinfectant loss and ammonia buildup, creating nitrification. Ice formation due to freezing temperatures can also significantly damage a tank.

In-tank mixers, submersible mechanical devices, are installed easily without service disruptions or tank modifications and mix on-demand to create temperature stability, uniformly distributing drinking water disinfectants and improving municipal water quality.

Our Solution

USG installs and services in-tank water mixers to help operators meet AWWA and EPA regulations, cost-effectively maintaining the quality of treated water in the distribution system. In-tank active water mixers are motorized equipment that creates a powerful vortex flow inside water storage tanks to circulate the entire volume from top to bottom. Using in-tank mixers and maintaining continuous and powerful water circulation helps reduce nitrification. Less nitrification means preventing ice formation in cold climates and eliminating thermal and chemical stratification, even during periods of low demand and with increasing water age.

How We Do It

We review your tank’s current performance and degree of stratification and then specify the submersible mixing system needed.

We install the motorized, in-tank water mixer to achieve your tank’s optimum top-to-bottom water circulation.

We service the in-tank water mixer, helping you maintain the water quality you need to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

To maintain the long-term efficiency of the mixer once installed, USG provides a proactive asset management program, including an extended warranty on the equipment and annual inspections of the system.

Value of USG Active In-Tank Water Mixers

Maintains Quality of Drinking Water

Improves Quality of Aging Water

Prevents Ice Damage

Reduces Thermal Stratification

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