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The USG Difference

A One-stop-shop for All Your Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Maintenance Needs

As the leading provider of asset maintenance and rehabilitation services for the municipal water industry in the United States, USG Water Solutions has a staff of technical experts and a comprehensive portfolio of technologies that allow us to design and deliver value-based, sustainable and compliant results for any component of your water or wastewater system. We can meet the maintenance needs of your entire system infrastructure from storage tanks and pipe networks to treatment plants and metering systems. No other company offers the range of tailored services you need to keep your unique system up and running smoothly.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Workplace safety is a top priority for USG Water Solutions. We achieve the highest level of safety for our employees, subcontractors, clients and the communities we work in, through a proactive and robust health and safety program. Our program is focused on leading indicators and is supported by committed managers, well-defined safe work planning procedures, the latest in personal protective equipment and on-going training. You can vet our safety qualifications through respected third-party providers like ISNetworld.

Our commitment to continuous quality improvement is on par with our industry-leading safety culture. At USG, “Quality” is the ability to meet our clients’ requirements on every project regardless of scope or scale. Our Quality Management System (QMS)—certified under the ISO 9001:2015 Standard—defines the processes we follow to execute every project from start to finish. Our QMS guides us to maintain consistency in our project delivery, continuously improve our processes and innovate in our technical solutions in order to meet our clients’ goals. We conduct formal surveys on all the projects we execute annually to collect client feedback and we are proud to consistently receive a 98% or greater customer satisfaction rating.

Local Presence Across All Continental USA

A map of USG water system consultants.

Each region, each system, and each neighborhood is different. USG Water Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide local and personalized service with the strong support of a national network. Our 40+ experienced water system consultants live in the territories they serve and cultivate deep relationships with local communities. Their unmatched knowledge of the municipal water industry and deep understanding of specific local issues allow them to recommend tailored solutions and provide quick response times to customer needs. In addition, USG has 11 service centers strategically located throughout the United States and more than 130 highly qualified crews working in the field at any given time to deliver superior results on every project.

At USG, while we remain committed to our roots as a close-to-the-customer infrastructure maintenance provider, we also have the unique ability to leverage the expertise of our national Operations team to provide dependable and efficient response times to our valued clients.

Best in Class Professionals

USG employs over 600 experienced professionals who work collaboratively to design and deliver the right solution for every rehabilitation and maintenance project. In addition to 130 field crews, our seasoned staff includes ten (10) professional engineers, eighty (80) NACE certified inspectors, over forty (40) SSPC certified inspectors and 10 subject matter experts, each specialized in a particular service offering—steel and concrete storage tanks, concrete infrastructure, water quality, treatment plant asset operations, pipes and metering systems. All our team members are trained and certified in their areas of expertise and hold all necessary accreditations including all safety certifications required by law. Having all the expertise under one roof allows us to support and collaborate with our clients at every stage of their project, from design and planning to project completion. We can assist with asset condition assessments, scope of work development, permitting and field execution. To date, our seasoned staff of professionals have successfully completed over 25,000 rehabilitations of steel and concrete structures.

A One-of-a-kind, True Asset Management Program

An infographic illustrating the USG proccess.

For small and medium-size municipalities and water utilities, the regular maintenance of assets, like water tanks, treatment plant infrastructure or distribution networks, in order to comply with applicable regulations, requires significant expenses of time and money—especially when the assets break down or require rehabilitation earlier than expected. In response to these needs, in the mid 1980’s USG pioneered a unique subscription-based asset management program. The concept is simple, we renovate the asset; and bring it up to all necessary standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration; the American Water Works Association (AWWA); and federal, state, and local ordinances; and then we maintain it regularly for a set annual fee. As part of the program, all future renovations are covered with a lifetime warranty and we also provide emergency services in case of unpredictable incidents. Our initial program was launched for storage tanks and we now have over 6,000 tanks enrolled in our long-term asset management program. This approach is attractive to smaller customers for several reasons.

  • With our program, customers turn the maintenance of an asset over to USG, and we maintain it going forward. We assume all risk of maintaining the asset. For some municipalities this is also a relief from a health and safety perspective, as they no longer have to send staff to climb a tank or work in a confined space.
  • Utilities no longer have to budget for large capital expenses. With our subscription approach, maintenance becomes a professional service and the spending is considered an operation expense.
  • Our lifetime warranty means that in case of a premature coating failure, we repair the asset with no argument.
  • Our program is recognized and approved for GASB 34 Compliance.

Over the years, USG has expanded this asset management approach to other components of a water system including concrete structures, treatment plants, pipes and even metering systems.

The result? Guaranteed peace of mind for you and increased “sustainability” of your overall water infrastructure.