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Communications Site Management

Capture untapped revenue potential.

Under the right market conditions, water tanks create additional tank owner revenue opportunities. Elevated water towers provide vertical space, often appealing to wireless communications companies for network improvement and expansion.

USG can manage all aspects of the communication equipment installation process, including licensing, technical and compliance aspects, and expert site design. We represent the tank owner’s interests and ensure that your tank’s primary purpose as a water storage facility is not compromised.


Carriers who want to install communications equipment on your water tank will often work through consultants or site acquisition firms whose primary interests are securing the site and earning a commission. At USG, we can utilize our specific knowledge and expertise in water tank co-locations. We protect the tank owner’s interests while supporting carrier needs. Tank owners know that self-management of communications sites can create many ongoing challenges, and that can make many tank owners more reluctant to pursue these relationships. Under USG site management, you are free to continue business as usual while creating an opportunity for potential revenue that could offset all or part of the maintenance costs of your tank(s), all with minimal hassle on your end. Have peace of mind knowing your interests and your tank assets are protected.

Our Solution

USG’s comprehensive communications site management services help tank owners actively market their tanks to the wireless industry. We negotiate the license agreement, oversee the construction phase, inspect the final installation, handle accounting and related operational issues, and provide ongoing supervision of site upgrades and amendments. There are no sign-up or up-front costs for the tank owner. We retain a portion of the site fee revenue, but only after the site fee payments have commenced. Unlike carriers and site brokers, USG’s primary interest is to protect the tank owner and ensure that any ancillary structure mounted on the water tank (such as an antenna) does not interfere with the tank’s main purpose of supplying water to the community.

Value of USG Communications Site Management Services

Maximizes tank owner revenue potential with zero tank owner investment.

Ensures aesthetically pleasing and revenue-maximizing site design.

Prevents interference with tank operations and maintenance.

Protects tank owner’s rights and interests.

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