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Water Treatment Plant Maintenance and Evaluation Services

Reduce your risk, improve water plant operations.


Like many other water infrastructures, water treatment plants nationwide face serious aging challenges. Overlooking the maintenance of these critical facilities can result in water quality issues and increased operational expenses.

During filtration processes, chemical reactions and microscopic bacteria create deposits that affect water quality and generate operational problems. In addition, organic buildup (biofilm) can increase disinfection requirements. USG plant services ensure your treatment facility’s long-term performance and reliability and help maintain water quality.

Our Solution

USG can handle all your water treatment plant needs, from a one-time filter cleaning to full filter house rehabilitation and maintenance. Our goal is to restore your treatment plant to its design specifications, improving the return on your large capital investment and lowering your maintenance and operational costs from excessive backwashing, chemical dosing, or lost production.

How we do it

We design and implement specific rehabilitation solutions for each asset based on its condition. This may include chemical cleanings, filter media replacement, concrete and steel rehabilitation, underdrains and filter equipment repair, and other upgrades as needed. Work is performed in accordance with AWWA procedures and ANSI standards.

In addition to our rehabilitation services, we believe in being proactive. We work with you to develop long-term plans for improvements and effective maintenance services to maintain your facility’s operational reliability.

USG also provides a one-of-a-kind Water Treatment Plant Asset Management Program. This innovative program includes the initial rehabilitation of your assets, routine inspections and maintenance, and future refurbishment. Our innovative program improves your plant’s long-term performance and reliability and helps maintain water quality. The cost of the USG asset management program is also pre-determined for simple and predictable budgeting.

Value of our Water Treatment Plant Services

Extends your treatment plant's service life and improves your capital investment return

Maintains regulatory compliance

Reduces maintenance and operational costs

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