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Water Pipe Asset Management Program

Extend the service life of water mains with minimum cost and service downtime.


Deteriorating pipe assets are a growing issue. Pipe network failures impact service, potentially causing damage, affecting traffic, and contaminating water.

USG technologies and services allow utilities to implement a proactive pipe network asset management approach. This approach is based on active pipe condition assessments and corrective actions tailored to the known condition of each pipe. This allows you to use your resources wisely to improve the sustainability of your water distribution system.

Our Solution

USG pipeline asset management for water utilities is a risk-based, strategic process that helps allocate your pipe replacement budget to the most critical areas of your system and avoid digging up and replacing pipes that still have years of service life remaining.

We use multiple state-of-the-art solutions — including machine learning technology and acoustic condition assessments — to predict what pipes are most likely to fail. From there, we can choose the options that fit your budget and are most appropriate to correct each pipe network problem, whether that means cleaning, rehabilitation, or replacement. Our objective is to help you maximize results and reduce costs and system downtime.

How We Do It

Comprehensive Condition Assessment

Implementing a pipe repair and replacement program based solely on assumptions or desktop studies can result in costly errors like replacing pipes that still have years of service life remaining. USG strategic pipeline condition assessment and risk-based analysis help utilities target the most critical pipes in their system and allocate budgets to the appropriate corrective action – replace, rehab, repair, or defer – to reduce capital spending.

Custom-Tailored Rehabilitation

We have a large portfolio of technical solutions to maintain and rehabilitate underground pipes. We select the best option for each pipe in your system, maximizing results and reducing costs and system downtime.

On-Going Maintenance

We work with you to achieve an efficient and sustainable water system, developing an annual program of network evaluation, pipeline condition assessment, cleaning, and rehabilitation or replacement of your pipes.

The USG Pipeline Asset Management Program helps municipalities maintain water distribution systems, improve water quality, avoid disruptions, comply with regulations, and preserve pipes for the future.

Value of USG Water Pipe Asset Management Program

Reduces investment needs with decisions made based on your pipes' actual conditions - No guesses

Eliminates expenses in the wrong places

Minimizes risks by targeting the most critical assets

Extends the life of your water distribution and transmission network

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