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Operations Coordinator

Perry, Georgia

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Job Summary

Generate all service requests for Maintenance Program/Contract Services/Tank Services/Caldwell Tank AS Maintenance contracts for all Line of Businesses. Manage and coordinate maintenance plan schedules to ensure timely completion of planned and requested service for all Line of Businesses. Manage cost and revenue budgets for all USCI services to meet internal accounting as well as IRS guidelines. Ensure all contracts are set up and managed with consistency of USCI policies and procedures.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Create New Negotiated Sale//Retail Sales Book Sales through the Oracle process for All Service Offerings
  • Maintain Maintenance contracts, Contract Services, Negotiated Sales, Retail Sales, Tank Services, and Caldwell Tank work schedules for all Line of Businesses. Manage all details pertaining to the Customer’s contracts working through Oracle Projects, Task Manager, and Field Service. (Over 5100 Contracts)
  • Manage cost and revenue budgets to meet our internal and IRS accounting guidelines.
  • Serve as contact person regarding tank schedules and work schedules for Sales, Customer Service, Service Centers and Regional Management.
  • Generate all Service Requests based on Service needed. Adhere to Operations guidelines and ISO 9001:2015 procedures.
  • Help aid in Hard Closing Service Requests
  • Print, Save and Mail Annual Customer Reports
  • Save all Contracts to Core Content – Document Management System.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects efficiently/effectively
  • Planning – ability to organize and schedule multiple tasks for efficiency
  • Interpersonal skills – all levels within organization as well as customers, vendors, civic leaders, government agencies
  • Capable of functioning in fast-paced environment
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to assess issues through conversation and proactively convey solutions.
  • Empathy for others including external and internal customers, colleagues.
  • Discipline to accomplish tasks within established deadlines.
  • Ability to effectively follow policies and procedures and work as part of a team
  • Communications skills with strong verbal and written correspondence.
  • Demonstrates professionalism and follows proper workplace etiquette

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or equivalent preferred
  • High School diploma required
  • Accounting – 0-3 years
  • Business operations planning and/or forecasting – 0-3 years

Some on-the-job training will be required, but base skills, knowledge, work-related experience, and/or training must be demonstrated to move into this role.

Technology Experience:

  • Office suite software (e.g. Microsoft Office)
  • Electronic mail & calendar/scheduling software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook)
  • Enterprise resource planning software (e.g. Oracle)
  • Project management software (e.g. Microsoft Project)
  • Database user interface/query software (e.g. Microsoft Access)

What We Offer

A comprehensive benefits and competitive compensation package. An opportunity to join a dynamic and growing company. A supportive work environment where you can thrive to be your best!


USG Water Solution is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This job description is a general description of essential job functions. It is not intended as an employment contract, nor is it intended to describe all duties someone in this position may perform. All employees are expected to perform tasks as assigned by supervisory personnel, regardless of job title or routine job duties.